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Site Security-the Truth About Shopping Online

Some plain facts about online shopping security.

Everyone is conscious of the need for shopping safely on the web. We have found a way to offer the Safest Shopping Secure Shopping on the Webpossible while still presenting the very best products at 'Rock Bottom Prices'.

We've seen it all since we started online back in 1998. Through the years, online shopping has become more popular then ever. With that growth has come some additional risks as you might expect. But statistically speaking, the plain truth is that shopping online can be safer then shopping at the local mall. Yes, "SAFER THEN LOCAL SHOPPING".

Why is Shopping on Safe?. (MMX) does not collect any purchase information. MMX provides the best possible service and products in association with Amazon and eBay. All order processing, tracking and customer support is supplied through their systems.

Amazon and Ebay are the largest online retailers in existence. They both offer secure servers and provide live, customer feedback systems. This ensures that Online Securityyou are dealing with the most reputable online retailers.  Both offer tight online security and police their systems and retailers on a regular basis.  This cannot be said of regular online retailers regardless of what little sticker they might show on their site. 

MMX has joined Amazon and Ebay to ensure shopper's satisfaction and security after successfully operating this website since 1998'.  More about MMX-Here

Did you Know?

Many people prefer to shop on eBay and Amazon rather than from independent merchants. This is because they can access reliable customer feedback for eBay and Amazon sellers but not for regular online stores. 


Needless to say, do you see a customer feedback note hanging on your local store in your home town or mall? 

Realistically speaking, how would you ever know if there was a problem with your favorite store in your local mall?  But reputable online retailers selling through Amazon and Ebay are very much concerned with customer feedback.  Hence you are guaranteed of getting the very best service. 


Some Suggestions


Ebay or Amazon

  1. On Ebay, Always select retailers with good feedback.
  2. On Ebay, Power Sellers are very much concerned with keeping their satisfaction level at maximum levels.
  3. On Ebay, always use PayPal.
  4. On Amazon, always pay with your credit card. 
  5. When several retailers offer the item you are searching for, consider buying the option direct from Amazon if available since they offer free shipping in most instance

 Additional Tips from experienced online shoppers

  1. Select one credit card for all your online purchases.
    (This makes tracking all purchases much easier)
  2. Take the time to set up the online service which all credit cards offer today.  This enables live reports of all purchases and charges to your card.
  3. Even if PayPal is required, use your credit card option for payment.  This provides even a second level of protection.
  4. If you must mail payment, only use a US Postal Money order and be sure to write order information on the money order.
    ie: product name, model, order number etc.

Our website is hosted and protected by the most up-to-date secure systems available for hacker protection.  But more importantly, your personal information for purchase will be through the secure servers of Amazon or Ebay.  Shop safely knowning you are dealing with the safest online retailers on the web




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